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Need an Internet Marketing Strategy That Works?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of building a web site so that it is discovered by search engines and included in their index. Search engine optimization also means creating a web site which is thoroughly indexed and ranked for keywords potential customers use when seeking your products or services. Proper search engine optimization is achieved by first optimizing your webpage and then ensuring your website is a trusted resource in the eyes of the search engine.

Let Searchlink SEO research your market, devise a plan of action, and execute a search engine marketing plan that suits the needs of your business.

-As seasoned search engine optimization experts we will research every aspect of your niche market and ensure you have the necessary advantages over your competitors.

-We will find the best keyword phrases that will allow you to convert traffic to sales for your business, and

-Get your site ranking within the top positions on the first page of search engine results and ensure it stays there for good.

Search engine optimization, whether it is done for the Toronto market or any other market, involves tree steps:

Proper Keyword Phrase Research

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

SEO Design Labs offers all the necessary services to help you achieve your internet marketing goals.

Keyword Phrase Research

Using cutting edge keyword analysis tools, SEO Design Labs will develop the ideal keyword phrases for promoting your website, products and services. SEO Design Labs will customize the research to accommodate for the specificities of your business model.

Search Engine Traffic Reports
We will analyze all your current rankings and determine how they can improve. SEO Design Labs will also provide you with time lines as well as short term and long term goals.

Competitive Analysis Reports
SEO Design Labs will also provide you with traffic statistics and keyword reports for your top competitors.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization
After careful selection of all relevant keywords and keyword phrases per page, SEO Design Labs will construct search engine friendly content, titles, META descriptions, tags and navigation link structures and web design that will enable your website to be included in the search engine index and achieve top positions in search engine result pages.

Off-Page Optimization
SEO Design Labs will develop and execute custom off-page SEO strategies to maximize the performance of your web site in search engines for the selected keywords. These strategies aim to make your website an attractive source of information that will motivate other webmasters to link back to your site increasing its popularity naturally.

Link Strategy
As part of our off-page SEO strategies we will include your site to 1000 directories and in addition distribute professionally written articles to our network of over 4,000 sites. SEO Design Labs will determine a custom link building course of action for your web site.

Search engines like, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL need to present internet searchers with the most relevant quality content. Search engines have devised complex algorithms that ensure only the best websites be listed in the top positions of a search for a keyword. SEO Design Labs will develop a search engine optimization strategy for your business that will ensure your website ranks in the top three positions of a search engine result page.

SEO is a great way to drive an inbound marketing strategy forward. Let us help you take to your business to the next level. For any inquiries feel free to contact us using the form bellow.

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